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Till lindemann was interviewed by about his side project with Peter Tägtgren. When asked about plans for Rammstein, Till stated that the band should return in 2017:

MU: Till, a lot of Rammstein fans wants to know if Rammstein will be back with new music and a tour in 2016, can you say something about that?

Till: We start pre-production in September now, in the fall. Normally, Rammstein production takes at least two years, so… but we start in September, basically.

MU: So maybe more in 2017, for something new about Rammstein?

Till: Yes.

You can listen to the interview in this post. The talk about Rammstein future happens in minute 9:45. Keep in mind that plans can still change, and that Till did not explicitly confirmed plans for a new album or tour.

UPDATE: In the end of the interview for the site, Till stated that the band should return to studio in 2016:

To finish up, when can we see Rammstein returning to Spain?

Till: Well in 2016 we will enter studio and will be in 2017 that we surely will have our record and we shall go to Spain, but it is still too soon to confirm anything in 100%.

You can read the entire interview here (in Spanish).

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You can now pre-order the single “Praise Abort” from, the first single from Skills in Pills. The single is scheduled to be released in May 29th.

Lindemann Praise Abort cover
Lindemann Praise Abort cover

The tracklist for the single is as follows:

1. Praise Abort
2. Praise Abort (Clemens Wijers Remix)
3. Praise Abort (Ostblockschlampen Remix)
4. Praise Abort (Hedberg & Larsson Remix)
5. Fat (Jonas Kjellgren Remix)
6. Fat (Oliver Huntemann Electronica Mix)

Additionally, also has an EP available for pre-order, with the same release date as the single. This EP contains only the remixes and not the original song.

UPDATE (18/05/2015): The single is now also available for pre-ordering at the RammsteinShop.

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Lindemann’s oficial facebook page shared a second snippet from Skills in Pills. Unlike the previous snippet, you can listen to Till Lindemann’s vocals in this one.

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According to the official Lindemann facebook page, Skills in Pills will be available in the following configurations:

1. Standard Edition
(2panel digipack, 28 pages booklet)

2. Special Edition
(BluRay-packaging, 28 pages booklet, bonus track)

3. Super Deluxe Edition
(large-size book, hardcover, 80 pages, telescope-carton, CD+bonus track)

4. Vinyl
(gatefold sleeve, 28 pages booklet, bonus track, includes album-download-code)

5. Digital

Skills in Pills Editions
Skills in Pills Editions

According to the iTunes store, the expected release date for the digital release is set to June 23, 2015.


According to the italian edition of Metal Hammer Magazine, the first single from Skills in Pills is the song “Praise Abort” and should be released in May, 29th.


Clemens “Ardek” Wijers delivers Orchestral Contribution to Lindemann!

“CARACH ANGREN are highly acclaimed for their mindblowing orchestrations, which accentuate and underline the epic and narrative aspects of their horror metal masterpieces. The extraordinary talent as a composer of keyboarder Clemens “Ardek” Wijers has not escaped the newly forged alliance between RAMMSTEIN frontman Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren of HYPOCRISY and PAIN, which operates under the moniker LINDEMANN.

The leading Dutch metal magazine AARDSCHOK has just revealed in its May issue that Ardek of CARACH ANGREN has contributed to this project.

The composer comments: “I’m very proud to announce that I have created orchestral arrangements for project LINDEMANN by Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren”, relates Ardek. “Their album called ‘Skills in Pills’ will be released in May and is going to be a killer! You can read more about this in the latest Dutch magazine ‘Aardschok’.”

Legendary Swedish producer and musical mastermind Peter Tägtgren compliments: “Clemens pimped up my orchestra parts like a god.”

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There is an official update on Emigrate Facebook page. Richard is sharing some insights from the recording of the upcoming album – called SSL II (Silent So Long II). We are not sure what will be the real name once released so let’s stick to what Richard suggested.

Here’s a quick update. We just finished recording drums for SSL II. Mikko flew in from Australia where he was on tour with Apocalyptica. This guy is an ANIMAL on drums and there is no higher compliment than that. He was able to bang out 8 tracks in 2 days like a champ. Much respect!
The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxed and free from frustration… I’m quite enjoying myself as I haven’t had one panic attack yet. Now that the drums are there I have set up my amps and recording chain to lay down the guitars. I don’t have the luxury this time to spend two months on it which is probably good since last time I ended up chasing the dragon (a.k.a. sound that doesn’t exist).
Ok, let’s all get back to work and I wish everybody some sunny days. We deserve it!
Richard ZK

There are also new promo pictures shared together with the quotation above:


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According to the latest issue of Metal Hammer magazine, Lindemann’s first album is titled “Skills in Pills”. The issue also reveals that the tracklist is the following:

1. Skills In Pills
2. Ladyboy
3. Fat
4. Fish on
5. Children Of The Sun
6. Home Sweet Home
7. Cowboy
8. Golden Shower
9. Yukon
10. Praise Abort
11. That’s my Heart

There is also a track-by-track review included in this issue. A translation of the review is already available thanks to Rammstein USA, and is available here.

UPDATE #4: The complete tracklist has been announced, and includes one additional song titled “That’s my Heart”.

UPDATE #3: The oficial facebook page as revealed the cover for Skills in Pills:

Skills in Pills Cover
Skills in Pills Cover

UPDATE #2: According to, Skills in Pills is set to be released on June in 4 editions: Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Vynil.

UDPATE #1: Facebook page of Lindemann revealed a new promo picture:

SKILLS IN PILLS coming to you soon
SKILLS IN PILLS coming to you soon

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What’s going on with Rammstein these days? Guitarist Richard Kruspe tells Loudwire about the band’s future plans, and recalls his most memorable Rammstein moments here:

The guitarist also reveals that Rammstein have fulfilled a lot of dreams for him over the years. In the interview, Kruspe discusses getting to play one of America’s most vaunted venues and finally reaching the point in their career that they could play this historic stage. To see which venue he’s talking about, watch the video above.

Richard looks little bit different on the recent videos as he is aging but he still acts as one of the most interactive band members with a lot of public interaction, giving a lot of interviews. We are also looking forward to see some interviews with Till on his recent production – stay tuned!

Source: Loudwire

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As you know, the Lindemann album should be released some time in May this year and the below video is the very first teaser from the coming album.

Do you like the sound? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: Lindemann can already be pre-ordered at swiss store, with a release date set to May 15th!

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Richard Kruspe announced via Emigrate’s official Facebook page he has written six more songs, and will go back to studio in March to record the next Emigrate album. Kruspe expects to mix the songs in late April and release his third Emigrate album in September.

Photo: Terry Matlin
Photo: Terry Matlin

You can read the original text below and check out the original post here. More information should be revealed soon.

“Berlin in January:
It was grey and it was depressing. My studio should’ve been my escape but in an environment like this I only wound up writing more depressing songs. It would’ve been a no-win situation if we hadn’t come up with some good stuff for the next record, but we did. More than we needed, actually. The goal was to get two more songs and suddenly we had six in the basket. I’ll be taking these songs along with others we’ve done back into the studio in March to record with the same crew. With any luck we’ll be mixing by late April, giving us a new Emigrate record in September. The grey should be gone by then, but for now I wish everyone more light than I’ve been getting here. Unless you’re writing depressing songs too.

Bis gleich, Richard Z.K.”

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Here it is the official teaser. Lindemann also released a new promo picture: