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Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit
Der wird belohnt zur rechten Zeit
Nun, das Warten hat ein Ende
Leiht euer Ohr einer Legende.


Manche führen, manche folgen
Herz und Seele, Hand in Hand
Vorwärts, vorwärts, bleibt nicht stehen!
Sinn und Form bekommen Verstand.
Wenn die Freude traurig macht
keine Sterne in der Nacht.

Bist du einsam, und allein
Wir sind hier, schalte ein...


Manche führen, manche folgen
Böse Miene gutes Spiel.

Fressen und gefressen werden,
Wir nehmen wenig, geben viel.

Wenn ihr keine Antwort wisst
Richtig ist, was richtig ist
Bist du traurig, und allein
Wir sind zurück, schalte ein...


Ein Weg,
Ein Ziel
Ein Motiv
Eine Richtung
Ein Gefühl
Aus Fleisch und Blut,
Ein Kollektiv.

Wer wartet mit Besonnenheit
Der wird belohnt zur rechten Zeit
Nun, das Warten hat ein Ende
Leiht euer Ohr einer Legende. 

Lyric © Rammstein
The one who waits with prudence*
Will be rewarded at the right time
Well, the waiting has ended
Lend your ear to a legend


Some lead, some follow
Heart and soul, hand in hand
Forward, forward, don’t stop
Meaning and form gain understanding
When joy makes sad
There are no stars in the night

Are you secluded and alone,
We are here, switch on…


Some lead some follow
(Make an) Evil face (for a) good game**

Devouring and being devoured
We take a little, give a lot

If you don’t know an answer
What’s right is right
Are you sad and alone
We are back, switch on…


One path
One goal
One motive
One direction
One feeling
Of flesh and blood
One collective

The one who waits with prudence
Will be rewarded at the right time
Now the waiting has ended
Lend your ear to a legend

Translation © Affenknecht.com

Submitted by EinHeisserSchrei

Translation notes:

* Prudence also means care/caution/good sense

** “Böse Miene, gutes Spiel.” is a play on the German saying: “Gute Miene zum bösen Spiel machen.” (Grin and bear it), i.e. put on a good face for an evil game…which means put on a good front and stay the course. Here it’s juxtaposed to mean put on an evil face for a good game.

An intro to what seems like the apocalypse, We hear once again hear Till Lindemanns beautiful yet dark vocal and then the shout of “Rammstein”. The rest of the band come into play into an epic adventure. “Rammlied” is the evil and better brother to the song “Rammstein”. Rammstein have finally made their return and they make sure everyone knows that with this piece.

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Instrumental Part
Vocal Part
Catchy melody
Strength / power
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Rammstein Rammlied lyric with English translation, 9.9 out of 10 based on 43 ratings

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  • Cheryl Adrienne Didur

    Nothing evil about this song! A bit of grand-standing perhaps, but Rammstein has earned the right to blow their own horn IMHO

  • Franky

    I say this is a harder brother of Ein Lied.

  • Alex

    Best song to open their concert ever!!!! I was there in Quebec then they played the summer festival in 2010; honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better song to open the concert! As soon as Till started singing and the German flag popped up behind the curtain, the crowd of 100,000+ erupted!!! Best concert experience of my life

  • James H

    Saw them in San Antonio TX with my son. F***ing rocked !

  • NO.-1-RAMM-FAN

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss!

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  • http://metaldjwill.com djwill

    This is a staple on my playlists!!
    Such a dominating crushing powerful riff.

  • Tyler

    God, Till’s voice has gotten so much more powerful and diverse over the years it’s incredible
    I would kill to see them live, and hopefully I ca if they decide to come back to the states for the
    Best Of tour.

    Ha, ambits funny how I’m fantasizing over my German boys while other girls drool over Justin Beiber or whatever. I find buff men with deep voices and flamethrowers much more appealing :)

  • Phill

    ”When Joy Makes Sad”
    Doesnt translate very well, and for a while confused the shit out of me xD
    perhaps ”When the pleasure makes you sad”
    Pleasure could also be replaced with Joy, happiness or something of that nature :) i just though pleasure fitted very well :D
    This song nearly reduced me to tears live, but i held back XD until they closed with Pussy…and a combination of Soap jizz (which burns like fucking hell if you get it in your eye by the way) and emotions i let it go :’)

  • Dylan McCance

    I went to there concert in Chicago last week and when they opened with this song, it blew me away. Simply amazing!

  • DZ

    Hyde was right! Guessed in 2009 that Rammlied would open every concert. Freakin’ LIFAD tour intro with Till and his crazy red feathered collar.

  • Chase

    The one who waits with prudence Will be rewarded at the right time Well, the waiting has ended Lend your ear to a legend

    truly te best lyrics ive heard from this band… well any band of that fact…

  • Lianne

    Epic. Just so beautifuly EPIC

    (’nuff said)

  • Shumin

    This song opened their Sydney BDO 2011 performance and it rocked! I was blown away at how awesome it sounded, along with the flag and the pyrotechnic work.

  • Rafael

    When in the live perfomance this song it’s fucking good. You’ll only understanding the meaning of this song when you watch it live ! Lend your ear to a legend !

  • Phill

    wow i didnt even relize how you depict the intro :) seems soooo true :D

  • Duncan

    Sonne. It is every bands duty to be narcissistic. It aids them to get to the top. But I totally agree with you.

  • Sonne

    They are so narcissistic…:) But I love them all….

  • Duncan Forbes

    Saw these. They opened with this song and it was better than you can ever imagine. Now everytime I play it I have to play it as loud as possible!!!!!!!

  • MrsLindemann

    No offence, rammstein are by far the best band in the world, and their lyrics should remian untranslated as they are a German band and i love the music more because its so, i dunno, strange that im english and cannot understand them. I went on the tour in february and stayed for every single London show, i got the chance to hug Till and Richard (my favourites ^^) and the opened with this song. I hope to hell i see them again, they are just amazing <3 <3

  • MEH

    This song is just plain epic… and Alex.. epic win! :D

  • Alex the Cat

    Tasha, I totally agree with you, EVERYONE should see them live, being a fan is not necessary, one becomes a fan after such an amazing experience! Rammlied is a hell of a song, I love to play it loud on my player when I go to work and it gives me goosebumps like a frost wave and Till’s voice is so powerful and then the drums like the sound of a big bad engine going WRRRTTTTTTTT! gah, my eyes burn with tears and shiver a little! All the people in the bus give me strange looks and I just feel like busting the door open with my boots, growing wings and storming right into the thunderbolt clouds, like a goddamn Valkyrie!!!

  • Duncan

    See you at Sonisphere lads. Only 9 days to 9 days to go!

  • Tasha

    I ADORE this song. This is definitely my favorite Rammstein song.

    As for Till, I would marry the guy given a chance.
    Gorgeous man, gorgeous voice.

    I saw these guys live and Rammlied was their opener and I cried :) but I STRONGLY *underlines strongly with a thick black marker pen* recommend getting some tickets and going to see these guys if you haven’t already!

    Bis Bald! x

  • http://herzeleid.com EINSTEINMEHR

    @AL. Böse Meine certainly is best translated ‘bad intent’. However, if you listen to the song again, Till clearly sings Böse MIEne. The original translation is correct.

    ‘Nun, das Warten hat ein Ende’ should be ‘Now, the wait has ended’ or ‘Now, the wait has come to an end’.

  • David

    It’s not a translation, he was comparing it to the English Phrase Grin and Bear it, which has a similar meaning.

  • Al

    ** “Böse Miene, gutes Spiel.” is a play on the German saying: “Gute Miene zum bösen Spiel machen.” (Grin and bear it), i.e. put on a good face for an evil game…which means put on a good front and stay the course. Here it’s juxtaposed to mean put on an evil face for a good game.

    Who in the world wrote that? Totally incorrect. It’s certainly a play on the German saying, but has NOTHING to do with with ‘grin and bear it’. Böse Meine is ‘bad intent’. The closest direct translation would be ‘Band intent, good game’.

  • XIII

    correction needed.

    “schalte ein” literally translates to “switch in” but actually means “tune in”

    “Are you secluded and alone,
    We are here, tune in…”

  • Ashley

    i love the whole album, but this is my favorit song <333

  • Ashley

    i love the whole album, but this is my favorit song <333

  • Rammspieler

    I love this song I’m getting this one for Christmas with the extra CD.
    P.S. Dear TUBE: I don’t think it was made to be cheesy at all it was made as a tribute.

    This sounds like it could be the bands final album, I sincerely hope not they’re they most inspiring and awesome band of this era of music.


    I think ‘diligence’ is more a appropriate word than ‘prudence’
    other than that is a very good translation.

  • Thorbjoern

    Wenn die Freude traurig macht = if joy makes sad

  • Ovv

    I think there’s little mistake in the text

    >Are you secluded and alone,
    >We are hear, shout…

    maybe it’s:
    We are here, shout… ?

    Great song
    Wir sind zurück, schalte ein…(c)

  • Tube

    Heh. I think this track must have been made as a joke. “Lets make as cheesy self-praise song as we can.” The stadium synths fit with this perfectly ;). I like.

  • Thorbjoern

    As a native speaker, I can say: Cristiano is absolutely right. “Schalte ein” does only mean “switch on” (said about a radio, a TV, a hifi, any kind of electrical device). The both explanations given in the article are not correct.

  • Otto

    The translation isn’t very good..
    You have to think in German to translate German, otherwise the text looks silly.

  • Bluefluff

    A little comment on ‘Wenn die Freude traurig macht’… Freude is ‘joy’ (‘peace’ is Friede). It makes a stronger lyric, too, opposing joy & sadness :-)

  • cristiano

    hello – just a little tip:

    “Wir sind zurück, schalte ein.” “einschalten” means “to power up”, to switch on (a hifi, for example).
    so i would translate it into:

    “We’re back, switch on!”

  • metzenger

    no big deal but the word manche means some, not may. may is duerfen or darf etc… depending on conjugation. So Manche fuehren manche foelgen means some lead some follow, not many lead may follow like it says

  • EinHeisserSchrei

    Thanks Nallu, I never even copped that until now! It’s corrected.

  • nallu-eh

    Thanks for translations, never easy!
    There is: “Wir nehmen wenig, nehmen viel”. It should be: “Wir nehmen wenig, geben viel”. -> “We take a little, we give a lot.”

  • Scruffinator

    Love the song. Too bad a tour of the US is out of the question(apparently). I’m about it.

  • Duncan

    So want to see these but missed the chance to buy tickets. This album rocks!

  • http://www.myspace.com/nikola_ichwill Nikola

    yeah, song is good, bud older brother is better :))

  • Durden

    TYhis will be an awesome openr! I can’t wait

  • Hyde

    This surely will be the opening song of every concert of this tour, yeah, that kicks!

  • SKL

    “Evil and better brother” indeed!! A great song that will be amazing live. I couldn’t have come up with a better way myself to get the fan base thrilled, moved, and energized.

  • Till

    Great! Great! Great! Rocks really hard!

  • DiexFlamme

    What the hell, guys. You took my translation and butchered it.

  • No. 1 Ramm Fan

    this song RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guyll123

    What an amazing song! it pays homage to the fans! fantastic!

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